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About Sesh Nefer

KU Leuven

Sesh Nefer is the result of the collaboration of a group of students at KU Leuven as part of a course assignment. We are a team of students who love creating new things. As part of our course requirement, we decided to develop this game to help train people on recognizing and reading hieroglyphics from students and egyptologists to tourists and trivia lovers.

Meet the Team

Behind Sesh Nefer

Our team is made up of a multi-national team with diverse Academic backgrounds. Hailing from Belgium, Germany, Lebanon, and Egypt, the team believes in the importance of combining learning with technology.

Martijn Jacobs

Archaeologist, egyptologist and digital humanist with field experience at Dayr al-Barsha, Middle-Egypt.

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Filip Saint

All-round software developper interested in everything from AI to quantum computing.

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Anna Jopp

Print and online journalist and media scientist. Interested in data-driven storytelling.

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Wouter Van den Broeck

Environmental engineer passionate about the symbiosis of earth observation and AI.

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Mohamed A. A. Amer

Experienced HTML & CSS Developer, Digital Humanist & WP Developer at TEI

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Hana El Mourad

A writer by heart, a journalist by experience, and a techie by ambition.

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